The Alpha Phi Foundation generously supports programs that perpetuate life-long pride and loyalty among Alpha Phi’s and positively impacts the lives of all women. The Foundation is well known and respected internationally as a prominent leader for the Greek community and as an important funding source of education in women’s cardiac health, leadership development and philanthropy. Alpha Phi members and friends worldwide generously donate their time and money to ensure the continuing success of the Alpha Phi Foundation.
Alpha Phi Foundation is a financially successful organization that operates with the highest ethical values. In the spirit of mutual respect and life-long membership in Alpha Phi, the Foundation funds programs that...
  • Provide Leadership and Educational Programs 
    The Foundation devotes a large portion of our funds to supporting leadership training and education programs sponsored by the Fraternity. Current programs include the Educational Leadership Consultant program and the Leadership Initiative, providing an experiential leadership opportunity for selected collegiate members with potential for leadership opportunities beyond college. The Foundation funds the educational and leadership portions of Regional Conferences and Convention. The Foundation is committed to enhancing the name of Alpha Phi as the premier developer of women through these types of programs.
  • Encourage and Recognize Superior Scholarship 
    Alpha Phi Foundation is proud to continue the Fraternity’s high regard for scholarship and foster the pioneering spirit our Founders held close to their hearts by awarding scholarship aid to Alpha Phis everywhere. Scholarship recipients are selected by the Foundation’s scholarship committee on the basis of the applicant’s scholastic record, essays, service to Alpha Phi and the community, campus involvement and alumnae recommendations.
  • Support Women’s Cardiac Health 
    For nearly 50 years, Alpha Phi has focused on women's cardiac health as a philanthropic priority. Through its annual Cardiac Care Award, the Alpha Phi Foundation helps to fund research and educational programs that support women's cardiac health. As a result of these efforts, health care professionals and women everywhere are learning more about the causes, prevention and treatment of heart disease – the number one killer of women.
  • Assist Members in Need 
    Alpha Phi’s are sisters for life – we support one another and help each other in times of need. The Alpha Phi Foundation helps, too, through the Forget Me Not program. The Forget Me Not grants for alumnae members provide assistance to Alpha Phi alumnae who are facing serious health problems, natural disasters or other crises. Forget Me Not grants for collegians offer aid to any undergraduate members who face an interruption of her education due to unforeseen financial crisis.