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Our House

Hello and welcome to the 905! The Alpha Phi house has been standing for almost 20 years. Through constant yearly renovations, our house is the most beautiful on the row. Our house contains a fully updated kitchen, lounging areas to study or be with sisters, a beautiful balcony, and holds many memories close to Gamma Eta's heart. There is so much to enjoy about living here. From nightly sleepovers with your sisters to getting ready for formal to house dinners. Sisterhood events, social events, philanthropy events, and recruitment are all held in our beautiful home. We love it here and know you will too!


A Message from our house girls

5C044CB7-DBD1-4782-812B-2B4BBE50A8C3 - kazoo.jpeg
"I love living in the house! Through the course of the year living in the house has truly allowed me to grow as an Alpha Phi and become more involved, as well as allowing me to get closer to my sisters! One of the best decisions I’ve made is choosing to live in the house."
Kazhal Shiwa
FF0BB4D4-8024-4251-9C62-BA4B1710DE16 - Marissa Gilbert.jpeg
"Living in the house was by far the best decision I’ve ever made during my time here. I was nervous at first because I didn’t know my roommate well, but in such a short amount of time we became inseparable and she is someone I can call a sister for life. I have grown close with each and every girl living in the house and have made the best memories here that will last a lifetime."
Marissa Gilbert
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