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Sisterhood is one of Alpha Phi's High ideals. Joining Alpha Phi is not only joining a sorority but a sisterhood whose bond will last a lifetime. Alpha Phi's at North Texas have a strong sisterhood bond that cannot be broken. Our sisters are our best friends, roommates, travel buddies, and future bridesmaids. Joining Alpha Phi at UNT is a promise for friendships and memories that are unlike any other, from sisterhood events to tailgates to mixers, the Alpha Phi experience is truly like any other.
Big/Little is a mentorship for new members/littles. Each new member is matched with a big shortly after joining. These older Alpha Phis are there for you to guide you. Bigs become your role models, confidants, and best friends in Alpha Phi. The bonds created within a sorority family are unique and will last a lifetime. 
Sisterhood Events
Sisterhood events are events for Alpha Phi's only. They are fun events to bond and create memories with Alpha Phi sisters. Whether it is a craft night, self-defense class, or game night, sisterhood events create a place for friendships to blossom and sisterhood to grow closer. 
Social Events
Social events are on-campus or off-campus events that involve other organizations or those outsides of Alpha Phi. From mixers and tailgates with other campus organizations to formals and date parties with dates from all over. Being an Alpha Phi is a fun and event-filled experience with sisters, as well as others. 
Alpha Phi participates in intramural sports on campus against other organizations. We have had teams in basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball, and softball. Intramurals are fun for our athletes, as well as our cheerleaders on the side. Intramurals are a fun and competitive experience that is not one to miss!
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